Cactus Cuisine: Nopal Cactus Pear Juice, Powders, & Extracts

At Prickly Pear Products, LLC, we provide health and nutrition from the desert by selling premier Prickly Pear Juice, Extract, and Prickly Pear and Nopal powders:

I. Prickly Pear Juice:

We're proud to announce our newest high-quality premium brand of Prickly Pear Juice Concentrate now being manufactured within the USA:

Nochtli - 100% Prickly Pear & Nopal:

This newest juice concentrate made in the USA, was popularly introduced at the Anaheim Convention Center in California during the "Natural Products Expo West" trade show in March 2012. This is a "whole food" product and the most concentrated of our prickly pear juices. The nutritious fibers that are present in this product are in line with the plants as they would be in nature as nothing has been removed, thus preserving the high pectin content. The main ingredient is prickly pear puree with a little Nopal puree added. No water or other juices are added.  


II. Prickly Pear and Nopal Powders:

We have two separate powders available -- one which comes 100% from the red Prickly Pear Fruit and the other which comes 100% from the green Nopal cactus pad.

     (1.) Prickly Pear Red Fruit Powder:
This is the newest powder to be sold to consumers and comes from the Prickly Pear Fruit which grows on the Nopal Cactus. It is produced in the USA, and is receiving great reviews by all who have tried it. For more information, click on this link.


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(2.) Nopal Dehydrated Cactus Powder


Nopal powder is derived from the young green pads of the nopal prickly pear cactus.  (These are the nopal pads that prickly pear fruit grow on, also known as "nopalitos.")  They are dehydrated and milled into a fine powder. Research studies also indicate Nopal provides nutritional support for inflammation, cholesterol management, and blood glucose levels.  This vegetable cactus plant (Ficus Opuntia Indica) provides good fiber, vitamins, and nutrients.  For more information on this product, click on this link.

Prior to the dehydration and milling of the green pads, they are referred to as "nopalitos."   These flat, green leaf pads of the prickly pear cactus have been consumed by native American people for centuries as a food and medicinal source of nutrients.  Mexicans have a long tradition of eating "nopalitos" as vegetables once their spines are removed and the tough skin is peeled off.  

In it's dehydrated powder form, our young nopal pads provide a great nutritional addition to smoothies, juices, omelets, soups and salads. The pads contain vitamins, protein and minerals, including potassium.  Research indicates Nopal provides a nutritional support for inflammation, hyperglycemia, cholesterol, obesity, atherosclerosis, gastrointestinal disorders, and more.  One well known medical doctor suggests Nopal to support blood glucose levels for diabetics.  

Recommended dosage: 1 Tablespoons daily.

Servings per container:  44 Tablespoons or Dosages (Or 22 if you take 2 Tablespoons daily).

This is a better value than the Nopal capsules being sold in bottles because you get more for your money.  

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 Note that the color of the powder varies seasonally based on the rainfall in the desert from a light tan (shown above) to a light green.


III. Prickly Pear Extract (from the Cactus Fruit)

For those who prefer not to drink juice, we have a new super concentrated Prickly Pear Fruit Extract, high in betalains - the antioxidants that support inflammation reduction.  Dosages are easy to administer, and you can carry a bottle in a pocket or purse.  For more product information, click on this link.


Dr. Mehmet Oz, a well known doctor who broadcasts on TV, observes that the nutrional properties in Prickly Pear Extract help reduce inflammation in the body.   Click Link here for Dr. Oz.

* Note: Dr. Oz is not giving a product endorsement, but rather speaking of the benefits of prickly pear extract in general.


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