Nopal Dehydrated Powder - Nopal Flour Quality

Dehydrated Nopal Powder:

As of December 2011 I'm glad to announce the availability of Nopal Dehydrated Powder.  This is the flesh part of the Nopal Cactus that is dehydrated and milled to a fine powder.  This is a top quality Nopal powder that has been manufactured in a finer quality mesh (100 to 120 mesh) than some of the competitors are selling.  This is the same quality Nopal powder that is sold to flour companies in Mexico for inclusion in bread and toritillas. It is the original high altitude mountain nopal (Opuntia ficus-indica) that is grown in Mexican government protected Biosphere Nopal fields in rich volcanic soils at high altitudes (7,000 ft.). 
Many people are finding nutritional support through the Nopal Powder.  You can mix a teaspoon into a glass of your favorite beverage, such as juice or water 3 times per day, or take one tablespoon daily, which equals about 22+ days per bag.  This is a better value than the Nopal powder being sold in bottles in more expensive nutritional capsules.  You can order it now through our On-Line Store.

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